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This page presents MedComs Terminology server (Danish: Terminologi) used in MedComs FHIR standard. Terminology is an umbrella term for CodeSystems, ValueSets and ConceptMaps which represents different kind and usage of codes and categories in FHIR. CodeSystems, ValueSets and ConceptMaps all includes codes and they may be defined by HL7, SNOMED CT or a third party. However, this IG only holds CodeSystems, ValueSets and ConceptMaps that are modified or defined by MedCom.

The terminologies on the server will replace the existing code lists (Danish: Kvalifikatorliste) that are in all MedCom’s EDIFACT & OIOXML standards. The Terminology server includes classifications and terminologies which are defined by MedCom and used in MedCom’s FHIR standards, such as HospitalNotification, CareCommunication and Acknowlegdement. Examples of the codes could be status codes for an admission used in HospitalNotification, category codes for a CareCommunication message or error codes for an Acknowledgement message. Technically, the codes on the terminology server are structured using FHIR CodeSystems, ValueSets and ConceptMaps resources.

1 Standard documentation

The standard documentation below provides the necessary content to understand the needs for modernization, the role of the Terminology, what to implement and how to get a MedCom Certificate.

The standard documentation for Terminology includes:


1.1 Technical specification

The technical specifications for the Terminology are defined in IGs.


Governance concerning the CodeSystems, ValueSets and ConceptMaps describes how updates of new and existing codes is handled. History of the changes will be available on the page as well.


2 Test and certification

The terminologies will not be tested by itself, but together with a MedCom FHIR standard, therefore no testprotocols are provided.


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