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This page represents the messaging profiles (Danish: Meddelelsesprofiler) used in MedComs FHIR®© standards. These profiles describe fundamental information when exchanging information as messages. Therefore one or more messaging profiles are included in all MedCom’s FHIR messages. The MedCom’s FHIR Messaging profiles do not alone compose a standard but are used to describe important information in MedCom’s standards.Thus, this page includes the IG solely, and technical uses cases and does not include clinical guidelines and test protocols.

1 Standard documentation

1.1 Uses cases

Use cases describe the different scenarios a standard support. For a certain real-world scenario, it describes the requirements for the content of a message. The purpose of the use cases is to ensure a coherent implementation and use of the MedCom’s FHIR Messaging profiles. The descriptions are targeted IT-system vendors and the people responsible for the implementation in regions and municipalities.

The use cases are currently in Danish, as soon as they are ready in English they will be presented below in:

Use cases

1.2 Technical specification

The technical specifications for the MedCom Messaging profiles are defined in an IG. The MedCom Messaging Implementation Guide (IG) includes the following profiles:

The link below gives an overview of the included profiles, what their purpose is, and which elements the system should support. Further the structure of the standard is described and supported with examples in different degree of technical skills.
Click here to read overview of the content of the standard.


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