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TouchStone getting started

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This page presents a short introduction to the test tool called “TouchStone”, which is used to perform tests of MedCom FHIR standards. The introduction is based on Touchstone’s own guides and is divided into two sections: the first section will contain information about how to register on “TouchStone” wherease, the second section will contain information about how to run a test script.

1 How to register

  1. To register, please go to Touchstone and follow steps.

  2. To execute test you need to be a member of an organization. If your organization allready eksist assign to it.If you are the first user from your organization, pleas create your organization by follow the following steps.

  3. You need to be a part of the MedCom OrgGroup, to be able to access the test scripts. To become a member, pleas send a request to fhir@medcom.dk.

Note: You need to wait until we accept your request before you can run the test. As soon as we accept your request, you will be notified via email. Please check your spam folder in case the emails get directed there.

2 How to run a Touchstone test script based on use cases

  1. To be able to run TouchStone test scripts you need to create a test system. Sign into your TouchStone account click on the “Test system” button in the top menu and choose “New test”. Follow the two first steps in the following guide.

    Note When creating a “Test system “, you need to choose whether the system that you want to test schould acts as ‘origin’ or ‘destination’.

  2. Create then “Test setup” by the following steps.
  3. To execute the test choose the testscript under “Test definition” and follow the steps.
  4. To read the test results,do the following steps.


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